Tcm slimming shine.

tcm slimming shine

Beauty «Eosros Kozmetik ve Gida San. Cevre San. Scopul companiei ­ s-i pstreze imaginea unei firme progresiste i inovatoare în ar i strintate, oferind clienilor si mijloacele naturale de întreinere, avînd o atitudine responsabil pentru sntate, mediu i etic.

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Misiunea companiei este de a oferi consumatorilor produse de calitate la preuri accesibile. Eosros is a gift of nature. EoS defined as rose fingered by Homeros, is the sister of Helios the sun and Selene the moon.

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Aphrodite, being jealous of Eos has punished the goddess by making her fall in love eternally; but this has increased the charm of the rose fingered Eos and made her spawn exuberant winds, the stars and messenger of dawn the morning star.

RoS is the god of dew, son of Aether and Selene, and husband of Eos. Ros, different from the other gods, doesn't fly high in the air, but instead with a crown on his head made of leaves spreading his mother's symbol of moonlight with a water dropper flying among prairies and flowers.

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EoSRoS's vision is to provide its customers with personal and home care, and supporting products to define their style and life quality, and be innovative both locally and abroad abiding to the morals of health, environment and ethics. EoSRoS's mission is to make products available in every location without compromising its quality, and to give tcm slimming shine industry inspiration in research and development, production, marketing and consumption areas.

We are proud of our products and are challenging chemistry to present our customers the perfect quality and the best price. We do follow the global trends and reach our customers with continuous progress.

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